Daphne City

Bibliothèque nationale de France

Daphne City, Immersive World Controlled by Natural User Interfaces

Objective: Explore new ways to interact with a work of literature through the use of natural interfaces.

Venue/Organization: French National Library

Technology: Unity 3D, Microsoft Kinect, NeuroSky Mindwave

Description: Daphne City is an immersive 3D world where people interact with a story using gestures and body motion, captured by a Kinect sensor. They also interact with the text using a Mindwave brainwave reader. The experience of a digital environment where the text is anchored to specific locations and can only be accessed through the use of the body enhances the experience of immersion and ties recollection of the text to a specific virtual area. The content of the text is remembered through the body’s ability to orient itself in 3D space, and also through the kinaesthetic feeling of the manner in which the specific passage was accessed. The project provided insights into how people interact with immersive worlds and how recollection can be embodied and spatially anchored.