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Training & Communication Systems


Experiences Powered By Technology

What Are Training & Communication Systems?

Knowledge Through Action

By navigating and taking action in these immersive spaces, which can be entirely digital or mixed-reality, each person is able to experience knowledge first-hand. By crisscrossing a designed network, participants get a clear picture of concepts and processes in a way that makes sense. It simply clicks. Experience grids are effective tools for training and communication, evaluated and improved using data analytics and artificial intelligence.

What Makes the Difference?

Main Characteristics

Backed by Research

Node-Based Design

Understand and use the same concept in a variety of scenarios and perspectives, not just a linear path.

Narrative Framework


Clear narratives, based on extensive research in non-linear storytelling and storyworlds, guide the experience and help make decisions giving the participant a context that creates meaning.

Progress Monitoring

Performance Dashboards

As each participant creates a new path, each can track key performance indicators through dashboards available at all times.

Active Agency

Interactive System

Participants interact with the immersive space in several ways, from using simple click-based branching all the way through to AR and VR.


Data Analytics

Processes are evaluated using Python data analytics and sequence mining libraries that reveal patterns in participants' paths and strategies.

Smart Environment

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms help predict and assist participants throughout the experience.


Key Projects

Learning Analytics Dashboard

Use of LMS platform logs to analyze interaction patterns and student strategies using Python data analytics libraries and Dash components.

The 4th Revolution

Scenario-based information technologies introductory course.

Media Notes App

An application created to add, organize and retrieve notes for different media resources in an online course.

The Witch of Eichstaett

An immersive world created to learn about social issues in medieval Germany.

MarViva Training

Network that included a 3D training environment, controlled using a Kinect and a Leap Motion device, and mobile applications. With the support of USAID and BIOREDD+.

Daphne City

Immersive literary environment controlled by a Kinect, and part of the exhibition “Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain” at the French National Library.

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